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ClubHerd Pricing

ClubHerd subscription pricing is based on the number of active member profiles¹ in your database.
Number of Members
From To
1 - 50 $  34.95
51 - 100 $  49.95
101 - 250 $  64.95
251 - 500 $  99.95
501 - 1000 $  149.95
1001 - 2500 $  199.95
2501 + upon request
- Rates include all membership types and levels and 1 MB of image and pdf data storage.
- All prices are per calendar month and are quoted in US Dollars.
- Data storage in excess of 1 MB will be billed monthly at $1 per 10 MB or fraction thereof.

¹An active member profile is defined as a person, couple or company whose membership expiration date is greater than today's date, regardless of their opt-in status for email and postal mail.
If the total active profile count in your database exceeds 200% of the active membership count, you will be subscribed to a MailHerd license for the number of profiles exceding the membership count.

Example: 1316 active profiles with 504 active members = a ClubHerd license for 501 - 1000 members AND a MailHherd license, based on the 308 excess non-member active profiles, for 0 - 500 profiles. Please see the MailHerd pricing page for details.
Active profiles are entries in your database which have not:
- chosen to opt-out of both your email and postal mail lists
- been reported as invalid email addresses nor been returned as 'Undeliverable'
- had more than six instances of undeliverable email within a 6-month period
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An email-only profile opted-out or reported invalid is not included in the count. A profile with an email that is opted out or invalid, but with an opted-in postal mail address is inlcuded in the count. Profiles with both email and postal mail opted-out or invalid are not included in the count.
Attention 501(c)(3) organizations! Save an additional 5% by paying your ClubHerd invoices promptly, up to a 25% discount. It's effective as of June 30, 2011 and covers invoices for our on-line applications as well as any custom work. Here's how it works:
New 501(c)(3) clients receive a 20% discount on ClubHerd pricing and services for their first subscription month. Existing 501(c)(3) clients current discount rates will apply for the next billing cycle. Thereafter, the % discount 501(c)(3) clients receive will be based upon their payment history of the previous month's invoice as follows:
  • Payment received within 5 business days of invoice date = 25% discount on your next month's invoice
  • Payment received within 10 calendar days of invoice date = 20% discount on your next month's invoice
  • Payment received within 15 calendar days of invoice date = 10% discount on your next month's invoice
  • Payment received after 15 calendar days of invoice date = no discount on your next month's invoice
  • The new discount levels will be effective as of the next billing cycle.
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